Whittaker Longstreet

Conspiracy Theorist and Blogger


Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d4, Investigation d8, Knowledge: Conspiracy Theories d10, Lockpicking d4, Notice d6, Repair d6, Shooting d4, Streetwise d6, Survival d6, Taunt d6
Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Toughness: 5, Charisma: 0
Gear: Unarmed Strike d4 (Str), Backpack, Camera (Digital), Cellular Phone, Computer (Laptop), Lockpicks
Special Abilities:
•Delusional (government conspiracies): Believes something strange
•Outsider: Shunned foreigner; -2 Charisma except with own kind
•Danger Sense: Notice roll at -2 to sense an imminent surprise
•Jack-of-all-Trades: Unskilled Smarts-based skill rolls at d4



“Believe you me, the government is definitely behind it all.”

Not much is known about Whittaker Longstreet save that he is a firm believer in many conspiracy theories and posts about them on his blog site. He had traveled throughout the country working odd jobs along the way.

Now he’s just trying to survive through the very events he feared and knew would occur.

Whittaker Longstreet

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