Z-Day: Genesis

"Come Sail Away"

Season 1, Pilot

July 28, 2016

Jeremy Chronicle, along with his wife Sara, couldn’t wait to board the Pinnacle for a honeymoon long overdue.

It had taken them both a long time to save up enough money to afford a cruise to the Bahamas aboard a luxury liner that promised to live up to its name. The Pinnacle was a luxury liner like no other. She wasn’t the biggest. The Oceanus claimed that role. But the Pinnacle was, as the brochure read “The Pinnacle of luxury, entertainment, and technology”.

Owned by Farthington Cruise Lines, the Pinnacle was a marvel of modern engineering. She could carry approximately 300 crew members and 2,700 passengers. For most ships, the ratio of crew to passengers would be more. However, the Pinnacle’s state of the art artificial intelligence navigational and interactive operating system meant it required less man power to operate her at full capacity.

The Pinnacle’s interactive operating system was named “Hensley” and, like Apple’s “Siri”, was able to fully interact with all of the ship’s crew members and passengers.

The ship practically ran itself.


To be continued…

Cast and Crew



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